Worldwide destinations..

Nowadays cruises take you across teh globe to hundreds of faraway places, from Antartica to Australia. If you have always wanted to travel to distant lands, why not do so in comfort, on a luxury World cruise.


Here is an overview of the some of teh most popular World cruise ports of call. There are many more to choose from - ask our cruise specialists for information on any that arent listed here, or more detailed information on the ones that are.


Alaska is an incredible state where wildlife outnumbers people and the scope of the landscape is breathtaking. Grizzly bears and moose wander freely in the wilderness and icebergs crash together in the tidewater.

An Alaskan cruise is one that should be carefully planned to make sure you don't miss a single thing this amazing destination has to offer! Every port of call is full of history, culture and spectacular sights. 'The Great Land' is divided into five regions; Inside Passage, Southcentral, Interior, Far North and Southwest.


Australia & New Zealand

Australia's vast coastline offers diversity and spectacular landscapes so memorable it's hard to get back on the ship! An Australian cruise takes in experiences such as the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef or swimming with dolphins on the Melbourne coast. That's the beauty of cruising Australia - you can see so much more than on a land-based holiday.

As you cruise into Sydney, the Harbour Bridge highlights the action that this city has to offer. Whether kayaking under the bridge is your thing or mingling with the multinational culture in the bars and restaurants is more your cup of tea, be sure to take in the fabulous fusion of food, fashionable shopping and lively nightlife before it's time to move on.

The Great Barrier Reef is so big it can be seen from space. But your cruise will take you a lot closer than that, so close in fact that you can snorkel, swim and dive in it. There's plenty of land-based activities too. Take a scenic rail journey from Cairns to a sleepy village of Kuranda or a day trip to Daintree Rainforest, the world's oldest surviving tropical rainforest. To take a walk on the wild side, Australia's Aboriginal heritage can be learned in Darwin where you can cruise with crocodiles and bushwalk through tropical forests.

Beyond the sun-drenched vibrancy of Australia, lies New Zealand. You'll want to experience again and again. Here nature is king, so much so you'll feel further away from the stresses and strains of everyday life here than anywhere else in the world.

Cruising around New Zealand is up there as one of life's must-dos. Blessed with natural beauty and diverse landscapes, each of the ports in New Zealand offers something unique. Milford Sound within Fiordland National Park is described by Rudyard Kipling as the eighth wonder of the world - in fact many passengers have also described it as the highlight of their New Zealand cruise.

Being relatively compact, New Zealand is easy to explore. Each region is within overnight steaming of each other, meaning each morning you'll awake from the comforts of your cruise ship to New  Zealand's diversity. From fiords with thundering waterfalls, rare and endangered wildlife, to bubbling mudpools and geysers or art deco extravagance, you're bound to be entertained!

New Zealand's Maori culture is also deeply entrenched in everyday life in New Zealand. So if culture is your thing, keep an eye out for the variety of Maori experiences, whether it be a marae visit, watching the melodic performance of a kapa haka group or weaving your own piece of art.

When you're in New Zealand, be sure to eat your way around each regional food and wine offering too! It's definitely a foodie's heaven. Enjoy this trip of a lifetime!



African cruises bring out the adventurer in everyone, with the 'big five' the main talking point in South Africa, and Table Mountain rewarding those with a head for heights with spectacular views. But Africa has much more than South African delights to offer.

Morocco fills the senses and mesmerises with snake charmers and spices. Kenya's exciting safaris give opportunities to see sights only dreamt of before and Egypt offers world renowned diving and snorkelling with historical, mystical tours of pyramids.

To many, Cape Town is an opportunity to take a cable car up to the top of Table Mountain to see the view over the 'garden city.' For others it has fantastic beaches and a lively city centre to shop till you drop in the African sun and follow that up with a bottle of chilled South African wine. Don't forget to pay a visit to the penguins at Boulder's Beach to see them waddling in the surf and frolicking on the sand.

Morocco sits on the crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Casablanca being the main port of call, is a city of contrasts with a European style of architecture mixed with an African way of life.  Visible to all, the Hassan II Mosque stands as a landmark of the city and the world's largest mosque with a 700ft high minaret.

The gateway to Kenya is one of Africa's largest ports, Mombasa. Connected to the mainland by bridges and causeway, Mombasa was an old slave and trading port but is now better known for the first stop on route to spotting 'the big five' on safari in Tsavo National Park.  This destination will give you memories that last forever.

Egypt is a country with so much to discover, it's hard to know where to start. Although best known for its pyramids and Nile River, Egypt has the benefit of influences from the Mediterranean Sea to the north, African borders such as Libya and Israel, and the Red Sea to the east.

Shore excursions give you the opportunity to see the famous Sphinx and Giza pyramids, plus the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple.  Sand dunes are popular not only for camel rides but jeep safaris and sand surfing for those looking to do something different. To help you cool down in the hot Egyptian sun, the Red Sea holds snorkelling treasures with exotic fish and coral reef to explore.



Dubai is fast becoming a must see for land and cruise travellers alike. Located in the United Arab Emirates on the edge of the desert, it screams sophistication, wealth and modern living, and is geared up to become the main cruise hub in the Middle East and has already become the premium luxury travel destination of the world. 

The Mall of Emirates hosts up to 200 shops and an indoor ski slope, which has to be seen to be believed. On the waterfront sits the stunning architecture of the Grand Mosque. For jewellery lovers, the Gold Souk is a must with bargain prices for beautiful pieces. For the action seekers, Dubai offers you sand skiing, desert safaris and camel riding. Out of the main city, you can see ancient mosques, peaceful beach resorts and open air souks, or why not treat yourself to a moonlit desert barbeque, all giving you a true flavour of Dubai.


Mahe is the largest of the Seychelles Islands, with 68 beaches for you to take your pick from, all with powdery white sands. From it's peaks you can see the other islands, surrounded by coral reefs, and the capital, Victoria, boasts Creole restaurants and markets and galleries. Highlights include giant tortoises at the Botanical Gardens. 

Praslin provides a home for some of the world's rarest birds, including the Black Parrot but is most famous for Vallee de Mai, a forest of rare palms and flowers. 

La Digue is rumoured to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. You can get about on bicycle or cart to see the giant naturally sculptured boulders seen in most photos of the Seychelles, and the bird sanctuary which is home to the last remaining Paradise Flycatchers.


Mauritius is a mixture of old and new cultures, white sandy beaches and tropical forests. Average daily temperature is 27 degrees Celsius and rarely below 20 at night time, although November to April is the hottest time of year.  The island's history stems back to the sixteenth century when the Portuguese visited as the first Europeans. It was the Dutch however who settled on the island and named it after Prince Maurice of Nassau. Years later the French occupied the island and this was when the harbour 'Port Louis' was built. In the north, Grand Bay is sure to provide a good night out after some shopping.

To the east of the island, Ile aux Cerfs is a must for water sport lovers and has the most beautiful beach on the island. In the south east, La Vanilla Reserve des Mascareigenes has giant tortoises which roam free and Nile crocodiles to see. There are 20,000 species of insects including butterflies from all over the world. The west provides opportunities to see dolphins playing in the ocean. Finally, further inland, you can follow the Tea Route to the tea factory and museum, and vanilla plantations.

Sri Lanka

For such a small island, Sri Lanka has just as much to offer as some of the larger islands in this region. Waterfalls and ambling rivers, blue lagoons and sandy beaches frame the ancient cities and vibrant cultures of this island. But it's the people who really make this island the welcoming, diverse paradise it is, many having had to start again from scratch after the Tsunami in 2004. Shop till you drop for trinkets and crafts in the morning before mountain biking round the island in the afternoon

South America

It's difficult to describe South America in just a few words as it is so diverse, untamed and contradictive. One side shows you cities, sophistication and cosmopolitan living. The other shows you wild mountain ranges, lush green rainforests, staggering coastlines and tremendous waterfalls. 

Argentina kicks us off with the main port of call being Buenos Aires. Here you will be whisked away in a world where everything moves fast. Colour flashes everywhere and seductive music plays from street cafes. This is the home of the Tango after all, the dance of passion. Argentina stirs your soul like no other place on earth. 

Lima is the capital of Peru, and one of the largest cities in South America. Local customs include bartering at the markets and taking a tipple of Pisco, the country's  national drink. After one or two of those, you'll be ready for anything, including sightseeing in a range of museums and Monasteries. When the day comes to a close, Parque Del Amor, the most romantic setting in the city overlooks the Pacific and is the place to be at sunset. 

Columbia's port of call is Cartagena, a picturesque Spanish port surrounded by a fortress wall. Named after the famous port on the coast of Spain, Cartagena grew as the main point of departure for South Americans. It has a mix of Spanish, Indigenous, African and Caribbean influences, making it a melting pot of cultures. Beautiful leather crafts can be bought in the shopping areas, the most popular being Pierino Gallo Mall. For people watching, Plaza de Bolivar is the place to be. 

Cozumel in Mexico is our next stop, although better known for being the gem of the Mexican Caribbean than South American.  Located just off the Yucatan Peninsula, diving and snorkelling are the most popular past times here due to the exquisite coral reefs. However, when you're not swimming with the fish amongst the coral, there's gold and silver jewels to be bought in San Miguel, plus bars and restaurants galore. Sounds like heaven! 

Chile is yet another land of contrasts. Turn one way and see snowcapped mountains, turn the other and see the giant pacific ocean. At the tip of the Americas, Chile is also home to fjords and glaciers, rich vineyards and vast plains. You have to see it for yourself to believe it. Sailing around Cape Horn is possibly one of the most sought after experiences, with the Tierra Del Fuego National Park attracting most visitors for it's wildlife. 

Brazil, the carnival capital of the world has so much to offer. Rio de Janeiro is the most well known port of call, with the world famous Christ The Redeemer standing tall above the city. You can't walk far without a parade sweeping you along into their dance, a perfect chance to let your hair down and be one of the crowd. 

Montevideo in Uruguay presents you with European architecture mixed with South American cowboy style living. Even more confusing is the long white sandy beach in one hand, and cafes, museums and theatres in the other. Montevideo is Uruguay's only major city, and the locals often travel out to Buenos Aires or San Paulo for big city life but it offers a real insight into life and culture of Uruguay, and is a must see for any cruiser. 

Possibly one of the most sought after cruise destinations, The Panama Canal is a once in a lifetime experience.  Completed 100 years ago, its history is rich, with stories of human tragedy and engineering triumphs. Taking in both Caribbean islands and Mexican resorts, the canal is not quite what you would expect at first sight. The season for cruising spreads from September to April but most travellers prefer to avoid the rain season in November.

USA & Canada

Although the USA and Canada seem on the surface to be similar western destinations, just a scratch on the surface shows not only two hugely different countries, but distinct destinations within each one. 

North America cruises usually work around the east or west coasts, with New York, Boston, Charleston and New England being the main attractions on the Atlantic coast, and San Francisco and Hawaii being popular on the Pacific coast in the west, amongst many others. Florida is a huge port for outbound Caribbean cruises with Orlando and Miami being the main attractions and serving well as pre or post cruise and stay destinations. 

The Atlantic coast offers leafy boulevards and world renowned shopping and restaurants, with New England in the fall being awash with rustic colour and charm. Of course, New York never sleeps and allows you to explore day and night. 

Further west on the Pacific coast, the climate warms up and icons such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the surf in Hawaii bring scenes from movies alive in front of you eyes. 

Moving onto Canada, the cultures change completely, yet similarly to America, the country varies hugely from coast to coast. The majority of cruises focus on the east coast of Canada. Halifax in Nova Scotia is steeped in maritime history not least from the rescue effort of the Titanic being based there. Another must see on the east coast is Quebec, a mix of French and Canadian cultures, with cobbled, tree lined streets and pavement cafes proving irresistible to people watchers and lovers of coffee and croissants.




The world's most populous country, rich in a dynastic culture stretching back over 4 millenniums. Although a land very different to our own, hidden away from the world behind closed doors for many years, China can be credited with some of the keystones that underpin the modern world; paper, gunpowder, banking and paper money.

As China's economy charges headlong into its position as a major global player, the doors are know opening for the world to see the hidden treasures of the ancient nation.

There are three must see attractions for today's visitors;

The Great Wall of China
The Forbidden City in Beijing
The Terracotta Army of Xi'An.

All three speak for themselves and require little presentation or promotion from the author!

There are of course many many more sights and sounds to experience in China, perhaps a cruise along the Yanghtze River or the culinary delights of Canton.

Whoever you are, wherever you've been, we guarantee you will be enchanted by the mysteries of China


A real feast for the senses, India is awash with colour, smells and spices. Although there is still hustle and bustle of towns and cities, the low rise buildings ooze authentic charm and culture so different to anywhere else in the world.

Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the main cruise port, and is memorable beyond imagination. Amongst it's chaos and excess, it's landmarks include colour markets such as Mangaldas Market or Crawford Market, world class restaurants to fill you up ready for the next adventure, and stately architecture such as the High Court or the University of Mumbai.  Perhaps most breathtaking are the rock cut temples on Elephanta Island, named after a large stone elephant near the shore which collapsed in 1814 and now stands in Mumbai's Victoria Gardens.  Carved into basalt rock, this is one of the most impressive collections of temple carvings in India.

Cruising away from India and into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, idyllic islands await you, including Mauritius, the Seychelles and Sri Lanka. Paradise at it's best.


Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, People's Republic of China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia.  It consists of four major islands, surrounded by more than 4,000 smaller islands.  The four major islands are Hokkaido located in the North, Honshu the main island, Kyushu the southern island and Shikoku the smallest island out of the quad

Geographically Japans landscape is very diverse. Its mixed coastlines attract many visitors for the breathtaking scenery and soaring mountains, some of which are volcanic.  For the explorers there is an array of hidden valleys certain to take you back to nature.  Japan is divided into 47 prefectures, one of which is the capital and largest city in Japan, Tokyo.   Landmarks such as the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower the world's tallest self-supporting steel tower attract visitors for all over the globe.

Packed full of history and culture there is so much to see and do.  Whatever time of year you choose to visit Japan some of the dates to circle in the calendar include 6th January this is when Dezome-shiki, New Year's Parade of Firemen takes place in Tokyo, warning people of the dangers of fire through acrobatic stunts on top of ladders, 15th-16th February in Yokote City is when the Kamakura Snow Festival takes place, more than 100 rooms called Kamakura are carved from snow and lit by candlelight creating a serene ambiance, 23rd-25th July in Soma City is when Soma-Nomaoi - Wild horse riding takes place, a 1,000-year-old traditional festival which introduces the code of the samurai, 1st-3rd  September in Yatsuo-machi, Toyama City features Owara Kaze-no-Bon Festival A festival praying for protection against wind damage and for an abundant autumn harvest.  These dates are to name but a few, with so much activity you can be certain of an action packed getaway.


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